Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bohemian Rapsody.

Bohemian style is still IN. And it,s always in as we see it in our streetstyle and now even on the famous catwalks. So today,s post is dedicated to bohemian style....classy bohemian style. I think it,s sweet and beautiful and those bohemian easy breezy dresses are perfect for summer. This style is perfect example how you can be totally gorgeous without overdoing it. Every day I see SO many girls here with all those fake eyelashes, fake,s not pretty AT ALL. So I want to show that simplicity is beautiful.( I don,t own those photos I use)

Matthew Williamson bohemian style

James P. from

Elle May from Lookbook.Nu

Bohemian sweet make-up examples. Nude colours are MUST HAVE when talking about this style.

Urban Bohemian chic.

Hair are very important. Long curly hair make this style absolutely adorable. Don,t forget to wear a headband or scarf in your hair. If you don,t like to wear things like that, you can always make a braid. Here are some hair examples:

Anyway...i could keep posting these amazing pictures, but i,m sure that now everyone will understand, how simplicty works..and it works perfectly:D:D:D I suggest to try bohemian..well..i pretty much love it...:D:D:D Bohemian style is the perfect example how less is more!

Oh..and i wanna show a great song...well i think MANY girls know who is Taylor Momsen, but how many of you know that she has a band?...and She is also astyle icon and wears a lot alternative and bohemian style so i think her new band,s song fits here well!! Have a great day kisses xoxoxo