Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miss Katy Perry post.

I kissed a girl and I liked iiii..ii..iit. Well I think there is only few people in the world, who doesn,t know who Katy Perry is. But the reason why I write about her today is that She was chosen one of the worlds most beautiful woman last week. Most beautiful or not, but her style..yes her style is something that you don,t see every,s crazy and akward and different...but it,s SO I decided to compose a gallery about her cccccrazy style to inspire you all.Who said that Pin-up is out of style? Katy doesn,t think so. She is the perfect example that She can look crazy, classy and akward, but she is still so FAB! I also added a video, where Katy talks about her style inspiration. You can see it at the end of the post:)

I just LOVE this outfit....and the rings!

Katy Perry talks about her style inspirations.

P.S I don,t own the video.