Thursday, May 20, 2010

More streetstyle.

I,m actually a fan of a edgy streetstyle. I like composing clothes, matching classy and edgy, girly and boy-ish etc. I love the variety of mixes, variety of great items, variety of styles. I just admire those people, who have so good fashion sense, that even if they wear something really out of ACTUAL style, they still make it work.GOOD JOB! I found some good photos from There is that so called " street chic" gallery, which is really beautiful and the most important part is that they are real people and if they can mix their clothes and look good, then you can do it also. So here are the photos and i,m sure that every single one of you readers, can find something for you too. Photos are taken by Kelly Stuart.

If you want more, then check out