Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Something for Calvin Klein fans.

When i was younger i didn,t like Calvin Klein actually. It seemed so boring to me. No great colours, no big accessories etc. But now i absolutely love the classiness of this brand. It shows how simplicity can work in fashion. I love the combinations of black and white, i love simple dresses and way to gooooood perfumes. At the moment i think that if i had to choose between some really colorful dress and Calvin Kleins dress then i would choose the last one for sure. I think it,s really hard to go wrong with C.K dress and you can experiment with your make up more( what i love to do) when your dress is simple.

Some photos of Calvin Klein new spring collection 2010.

Calvin Klein spring 2010 campaign shot.

Now some stars wearing Calvin Klein.

Lady Gaga in a custom Calvin Klein Collection dress performing at the Rainforest Fund’s 21st Birthday Benefit Concert at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

The dress looks epic in my opinion. Well done.

Jared Leto in Calvin Klein Collection at an event hosted by Calvin Klein Collection and LAND in celebration of L.A. Arts Month.

Good version of alternative classy. I actually don,t like that scarf( outfit would look so much better without it), but somehow it works for him.

Calvin Klein Collection wardrobed Dree Hemingway for her appearance during the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival.

Very prettyyyyy.

Dree Hemingway in Calvin Klein Collection at the 2010 Costume Institute Benefit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. classy. Perfect example about black and white simplicity. I want that dress. Seriously.