Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My new addiction: all i can say. The site is AH-mazing!! It,s basically about stylish people, who compose their clothes and look super stylish. And what i think is good, is that you can find many styles there: random streetstyle, indie, rock, girly, name it and they have it. You can get so much inspiration there,s INSANE...Actually i found this site thanks to my swedish friend, who told me about it and now i feel so i really recommend visit the place, because it,s like the holy grale of streetstyle.

So some photos of the styles....


Alexandra M from Moscow

Tiffany A from California
Tess P from Amsterdam

Danielle N from San Diego
Iga W from Poland
Vita K from Saint-Petersburg


Andres E from Bucaramanga
Kevin B from France
Adam G from California

Jorda E from Vancouver

This is not all of course. is full of people, full of style and full of art.
So i strongly recommend to visit that site daily and even make an account there....I will;)

Have a great dayyy...